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Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
he will campaign in nevada where the president told a rally in virginia. romney speaking with senior citizens about medicare. >> you cannot change washington from the inside, only the outside >> rahm he promptly responded to that comment from the president >> he said he can't change washington from inside, he can only change it from outside, we will give him that chance in november >> new reports show that romney was out raised and outspent in the month of august. romney race $67 million and spent about the same but still owes $50 million on a loan that the campaign took out last month. 46 days to go before we vote in november. >> a live picture from new york city where the new device officially went on sale about a half-hour ago. cbs reporter patrick savio is outside the apple store in san francisco where the wind keeps growing. >> here is, the new apple iphone 5. you can see the gadget everyone has been waiting for. i'm here at union square apple store where about 100 people camped out overnight for the long anticipated release. this comes almost one year after the death of steve j
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
the two major committees will spent much of this weekend. when president obama's bush campaign in virginia one of the swing states of course is considered crucial for a victory in november the first debate today in denver colorado could be seen when tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs five. comedienne roseanne barr helps the bay area will inject century energies into her presidential campaign she's running for the white house as the member of the peace and freedom party. as she spoke at the campus trade school in oakland to tell in a small crowd it she would like to legalize marijuana. >>> 641 it was a true free market finds a woman buys a real red what for $7 but now she may have to get up for free + record numbers are expected at a critical mass to how to please plan on keeping order? political insider film is here find dallas take a look at the numbers at the end of the week ended not so rosy juice in books ended not so rosy juice in books coming up right after the break. two wheels will take over downtown san francisco's night's is called a critical mass that is celebrating two decades
Sep 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
hotel from virginia and arkansas and they are just scratching their heads over this. everyone is upset about what paul ryan said at the republican convention but they all seem to agree that it is really inappropriate what burton said comparing paul ryan to joseph goebbbels. i think he could best to be summed up by a quote from one delegate who said good grief, can you keep it together for three days? i think that pretty much sums it up. >> how about some on political happenings in charlotte. >> the democratic convention had all sorts of fun activities for us today. we have it yoga, professional dining etiquette class and i swear i am not making this up, in marshall part you can go watch 80,000 lbs. of ice sculpture of melting. >> let's talk about betty white. there was a push to get her there but unfortunately her schedule would not allow >> there was a groundswell after clint eastwood to have our own democratic candidate surprise guest and people seem to settle on betty white although there are grumblings that it was a republican idea because they wanted democrats have been equally em
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
and virginia and he had a reception featuring mc hammer who did the video for mayor ed lee mayoral campaign. the bid rumor is mc hammer is rumored to be running for mayor of oakland. it was really the highlight of my two weeks covering the convention, i finally got to meet him. he was so gracious and approached by numerous people. i felt bad because he was standing in the corner and everyone was asking him for a picture, and then i did it myself because i could not resist. >> well welcome back. >> that has been wonderful. >> you can find more of melissa's segments on >> wall street is keeping an eye on the federal reserve which meets later this week. >> after the weak jobs report on friday, investors are looking for stimulation from the central bank, increasing the likelihood that the fed meets on thursday and with weak job growth, observers think there will be a bigger chance that easy three might come around. we're already looking at yields at very low prices right now. there is very little room for the fed to act but wall street is hoping there it might increase business and c
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
a leading ann romney which is a change from august. in virginia the president has extended his lead and in wisconsin the president maintains the same league he did in august. the romney campaign is trying to get back on track after mother jones released a recording this week >> my job is not to worry about, they should take responsibility and care for their lives. >> also indicate romney told donors that 47 percent of americans pay new income taxes and they believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for the president no matter what. he went on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify >> course your right there are a number of retirees and military members for not paying taxes as if should be, but, i do believe that we should have enough jobs and enough take-home pay such that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allow them to pay taxes. i think people would like to pay taxes >> president obama made an appearance on the late show with david letterman. >> one of the things i have learned as president is you represent the entire country. my
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5